How to practice election website security and protect your vote?

The U.S elections are about to begin and as the citizens already geared themselves up for elections campaigns and further celebrations, it is equally important to realize the shortcomings in the elections democratic process.

According to the McAfee organized campaign, they have found out many of such govt. owned websites miss the stamp of being a legal govt. validation. On the other hand, the rest of the website protection is a must to block hackers from making the unusual and fake website which disguises a legitimate country site. Those websites which are secured and protected by Mcafee Antivirus should be trustable to count your vote.

Is your website having a “.Gov domain”?

It is common to think about having a “.gov” in the domain and why is it that important? To this, it is explained that a govt, authorized domain name needs the buyers to give the proof to the govt. of United states that is getting such fake names on the basis of these names on the behalf of justifiable local or other state authorities. On the contrary, if you see a website with the common domain such as .com and .net, it means that it is randomly purchased using a credit card a domain vendor. If the website does not have .gov that means there is no control of govt. authority over the actions upon the website.

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How can you browse Web security?

For this, you can download McAfee antivirus solution or you can use https that shows you the icon with a padlock visible in the address of the website. The moment any visitor sees that icon, it will show them that their respective browsing is secured. Moreover, you can be sure about who is in connection with you to share your valuable details.

What will be the impact on Elections in 2020?

The online scammers majorly look for ways to attack your valuable information with minimum efforts and resources involved. As an alternative to hack the local voting machines and shifting the count of votes, they can easily conduct a fake voting campaign provoke voter’s behavior in the elections. The aim behind such practices is to disturb the complete election campaign process and get the official email addresses so that they can send mass emails to the commoners.

In addition, they can use fake social media promotions to lure voters and provide false information. They tell voters to register and vote for the rival party, and also they could easily mislead them with false information. This can really impact the count of votes in the elections.

Tips and tricks for a protective voting system

In this section, you will get to learn some basic tricks to secure your vote count against fraud activities:

  • Confirm the authenticity of the website before visiting it.
  • Carefully scrutinize the suspicious emails; you can use McAfee to scan the website.
  • If you doubt the website then confirm its authenticity from the legitimate country authorities.
  • Trust the traditional voting literature and opt for the old style of voting.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

It is an advice to update yourselves and download McAfee antivirus security software from the official website that goes by the URL To know more about the McAfee news and the latest customer identity threats you can follow its official website. Stay protected stay secured with McAfee antivirus protection.

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