How to protect your loved ones from contagious apps, social sites?

With 150 million active users and more than 14 million uploads, everyday people using apps like TikTok has gained popularity amongst youngsters as well. There are other apps like Snapchat, Facebook and that are also responsible to engage youngsters and make them addicted to the app. Amongst all these apps, the most used app is Tik Tok, a video app that making youth addicted to it. This app does carry tons of entertainment however, there are some risk factors associated with it.

Be alert and stay safe while using TikTok with McAfee security

TikTok is a free social media app which allows you to make and share a short 15-second video with your favorite background music. If your child was in love with app, then there are chances of him/her having an account with TikTok app. Kids do love this app s it got all the features for entertainment like music, filters, stickers, and chances of having likes and shares to your video. The app has gained such popularity that every other kid is having an aspiration to become famous on TikTok.

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How to prevent long-term effects of social apps with McAfee?

There are a lot of positive things related to this app. It’s filling the gap of having the famous vine app which has a fun hub to create videos and get connected with friends. TikTok app is a mode of entertainment that will make you laugh out loud, sing along and to admire the creativity of other TikTok users.

From emotional, brave monologues to incredible stunts and hilarious content videos you can see anything on the TikTok app. The most positive point is that the app encourages things like apt screen time, privacy policy and online safety measures seriously.

To use security features like limit-screen timing, you can download McAfee Internet Security via

Why you should keep your distances from apps like TikTok?

This app does carry some inherent security risks as it may have inappropriate content that can prove to be harmful to the youngsters. There is a fair share of the music content that includes false language and bad words along with content that can put a brake on the development of your kid’s brain.

As the platform is so big, there can be chances of cyberbullying and identity theft. To protect your kid’s identity online you need security software such as McAfee, which you can easily download from

How can you protect your kids from cyberbullying using McAfee?

There can be a few tips that help you to protect your family from cyberbullying:-

  • Download the app on your device and analyze the content and culture by yourself.
  • Talk about the risks and encourage the creativity and fun involved with the app.
  • Keep a regular check on the direct messages on your child’s social media account.
  • Keep your child’s social account settings to “Private”.
  • Download and install McAfee Activate Safe Family software on your device to protect your loved ones from cyberbullying.


Apps such as TikTok create engagement and addiction in youngsters, which you need to be aware of being a Parent. There are some positive features along with some negative ones that need to be considered by you. Some security tips have been discussed in the article above. If you want to know more, you can visit McAfee’s official website

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